Saturday, September 9, 2023

ReaperCon 2023 - The Entire Thing


This year I'm going to do one post for the entire convention experience. I found that daily posts just didn't have enough information for my taste so instead you get one after it's done. Also, that way I didn't tell the part of the world that reads my blog that I wasn't at home. Gotta think of these things, you know.

I drove down this year since I had the time to do it and I brought my cat rather than boarding her or having someone spend ten minutes a day at the house to feed her. I think it was the right decision. I don't know if she's saving up to punish me when I'm least expecting it.

Overall it felt like, well, ReaperCon. Same kind of vendor setup. Same kind of general space setup. Same pretty much everything. And that's the problem for me. It's the same as it has been for the last few years.

Don't get me wrong - it's a good all-around convention with the added bonus of having the well known artists as guests. People enjoy themselves thoroughly. But I've reached my saturation point. Hence it was my last year attending.

The pre-game was the Meet and Greet. I chose the package that came with the limited edition 100mm version of the convention Sophie miniature. Sadly the extras sold out before I could get one for my friend. My roomie and I went shopping after I got settled in the room and I was able to catch the tail end of the food options for MnG. The options are limited to what the hotel can provide and it's been hamburgers and hot dogs the last few years. That might not sound good but it's leaps and bounds better than the 'pizza' they served before that. Trust me.

I also had a Buccee's brisket sandwich I'd purchased but saved that for another day. I think Buccee's BBQ is overpriced and overrated now that I've had some. But hey, I had it. We'd gone to Buccee's for my roomie and he picked up some merchandise he wanted. We also hit the local Walmart for basic supplies like water, booze, and snacks.

Since there's no more metal trade-in at the convention I don't have to keep Thursday open to go through the Boneyard (their unpackaged minis). I'm still sad about that. It was one of my favorite parts of the convention. But it left me the chance to take classes during that time.

I took two classes - one on freehand for non-artists and one on painting tiny text. The freehand one was good but I already knew the material from other classes. The text one was, well, not so good. Let's leave it at that. My class experience wasn't a stellar end to the series. I also crashed my friend's class on using paper and brass foliage so I learned a little there and got some goodies.

One class was Thursday, I crashed the course on Thursday, and my other class was Friday.

I did sign up for some of the Hobby Hijinks events. Those are free things like speed painting, conversions, etc. This year you could register for them like classes but with no charge. I liked that because in the past it was whoever got there first. So I had some fun with doing silly things and being kind of social.

I signed up to play a game but bowed out. I'd had a long, hard day. I was hurting. And the GM had allowed their friend to be an additional player that made the table one person larger than the event showed. I don't like either of those things so I gracefully gave them my seat and went back to the room. I would have liked to have played but I wasn't in the mental state to be a good player. I only showed up because I didn't want to leave the table down a player so having the extra person was a good thing in the end.

I didn't do any vendor shopping this time around for two reasons. One is that my knees didn't allow me much mobility. The other is that I didn't need or want anything from the vendors. I made one sweep through to get a punch card filled for a free mini and that's when I took stock of who was there and what they were selling. So I kind of did a speed browse to confirm that I was right in what I didn't need.

I did enter into the painting competition. I wanted the extra convention money (which I never spend), the badge ribbons, and I pretty much expected to bring home a bronze medal. Once again I grabbed a few minis off the painted shelf, touched them up, and entered them. They picked the one I thought they would pick to judge and it was a solid bronze. See for yourself.

Gaming miniature of a man in some armor, holding a sword in his right hand and shield in his other

I forgot they make you name your entry so the 'Redemption' thing was very last minute. It doesn't really mean anything. But I nailed the face on that one and I'm proud of that. Plus I don't think people use enough copper in their armor colors.

I now have two bronze medals to hang up by my painting area. As much as I don't seem to think much of them I'm going to show them off. I did win them at a convention painting competition, after all.

I spent more time talking with the artists I know than doing much else. I didn't paint because I didn't bring anything to paint or any paints. I was going to spend time at the basic paint and take table but the hobby events were enough painting for me. I really don't like painting away from home and the plan to practice what I'd learned in classes wasn't necessary. I did bring home a few minis that I would have painted, if I had been at the paint and take table.

I have a battered folder with all my class notes and handouts from every class I've ever taken at ReaperCon. It's got a lot of history in it. Since I wasn't coming back I felt it was acceptable to have the artists sign it - sculptors on the front and painters on the back. I'll cover those over with packing tape to preserve them as part of the whole. I do refer back to those notes at times so it's a nice way to remember everyone.

I stayed a day later than I normally would because it meant spending time with my roomie. Last convention and all that. He left early the next day to get to the airport and I wonder if the room felt as empty for him when I would leave early in previous years. It was nice not to have to rush but it was sad that he was gone and I'll probably never see him in person again.

The attendees seemed to have a good time like they always do. This is their convention now and it's a good one for them. It's a nice mix of the art side and the gaming side with the chance to socialize all weekend. And it's one of the nicest, friendliest conventions I've ever attended.

That being said the unthinkable happened. This was a convention where you could leave your stuff out all weekend and be sure it was safe. The artists left their minis at their tables so you could see them even when the artists were out and about. This year someone went through - twice - and stole minis from the artists. That really bothers me and I'm hoping desperately that it wasn't a convention person who did it. I also hope they can get the minis back. But it's going to change the tone of the convention going forward. I could have done without ending on that note.

I don't know if I would drive rather than fly if I were going back. It was a very long, boring drive broken up into two days on either side. If the hotel were closer to the cheap airport I don't even think I'd need a rental car now that I have no reason to go to the factory. If I'd been running games and needed all the accessories then driving would be the way to go. I've seen how careful my roomie is with his luggage weight and how much he has to bring. Driving means it's whatever fits in the car.

I don't have pictures of the convention itself. I didn't find any reason to take them. It was an event hotel with all the generic fittings and some Reaper specific decor. The painting contest entries are on the ReaperCon website so if I feel the urge to see what was there I can scroll those. There's a lot of entries if you want to see some good painting and imaginative work.

Last year I didn't think much of missing the convention. I have a feeling that I'll get a pang when it rolls around again but no more than that. It turns out my roomie only showed up this year to force me to show up so we could have a proper goodbye. I think that's sweet in a number of ways. I needed this last visit all around.

So there it is. After all these years my last ReaperCon. And it goes out with a whimper, as it should.

Friday, December 16, 2022

Warhammer 40K TV Series?


This post is going to be a little different. I've had my own thoughts about the 40k universe as I've been reading Horus Heresy and what it means to be a Space Marine. This kind of ties into the strong rumors of Amazon making a series out of it with Henry Cavill. I have thoughts about him too.

I'll try to make this as coherent as possible but for anyone who has read my blog you know I can't make any promises. I don't know why I bother to say I'll try but I do. I think it makes me seem like I'll be better this time. We all know I won't.

About the 40k universe. I'm talking about the Space Marines in this case. Yes, Custodes kind of fall under that but they're not important to the general theme I'm going for. And yes, Primarchs but they're not relevant either. All three are gene engineered but to different extents. As Space Marines are the equivalent of generic while the others are brand name we'll go with that.

Yes. In the lore the Space Marine tinkering was meant to be generic. Anything more than that took too long. So Big E toned down the goodies and made a bunch of super soldiers without any real special stuff. They're assembly line work. And they're treated as disposable in a lot of respects even without going through all the HH culling. Because, after all, they can always make more.

Now I'm going into my head canon and my own small knowledge of biology. It's been a long time since I took biology but with the lore and a bit of that there's some things that come to mind for Space Marines. The short version is that they're mules. The process that makes them into Space Marines pretty much takes them out of the gene pool. And that's by intention.

So many books refer to the changes in their physiology. There's a consistent "He would have been handsome if it hadn't been for ...". They're massive compared to humanity. And they're processed when they're teenagers. They have the fear response removed. So hormonally they're altered as well. All in all it makes sense to cut them out of the human pool since they're not meant to spread the geneseed willy nilly.

Then there's that geenseed. It comes from implanted organs. So there's no canon on whether or not those changes actually change the DNA or if they're reliant on the organs. The implication is that the organs do it and that's why they take them back when they can. There's bits and pieces saying that the 'donors' will live on in the next implantation but that's the kind of lie someone who's dying would tell themself. As it is the geneseed seems separate from previous hosts or they're be far more careful who they took it from.

Why am I going on about whether or not Space Marines get it on? Because with the way they're made and the changes I honestly don't think they can. Quite probably their naughty bits aren't part of the equation and the hormones involved down there have been rerouted into more aggression and less fear. So not only may they not be able to do the dirty they don't have any interest in it.

On to Mr. Cavill. He's a handsome man in most respects. When he's all cleaned up and shiny he's about as interesting as a soggy water biscuit. I stole that. Honestly - have a look at him on the red carpet or as Superman and while he's good looking he's rather meh. When they dirtied him up as Geralt he looks a lot better. At least in my and general opinion. He's got the kind of face that needs definition that comes from hard living.

Which brings me to the next point. How are they going to cast him? There's a lot of talk about which of the lore characters he'd be and my thought is that he should be none of them. Space Marines aren't handsome. They're also huge. So anything where he's in the Space Marine clique would require the huge costumes, CGI, and other expensive things that look dated a year after they're released. There's also only so much you can do with a chapter of Space Marines. They fight. They practice fighting. They fight. There's not much else in their lives. That's what they were built for. And they wear those big helmets. What's the point of casting a well-known handsome actor when you're going to slap a helmet on him for most of the show?

My personal opinion is that the series would be better served by using the guardsmen as the central focus. The humans. And I say this for several reasons.

The first reason is cost. Having the bulk of the cast be human means they're working just fine with fewer special effects. That and the comparison between them and the Space Marines would be more jarring. Fewer Space Marines too when it comes to that. Showing the difference between guardsmen who do know fear and the ones who don't make both more emphatic.

The second reason is story. As I said earlier - Space Marines are pretty boring, story wise. They have their little spats within the chapters but overall they do what they're told. They're toy soldiers. It would be problematic if they keep killing off characters around the one Henry is playing. Making him more of a leader again gives the problem of a fluid cast around him and little in the way of character development. Space Marines don't grow.

My personal idea is to make him a put-up guardsman sergeant. Give him a troop and all the problems that come with being in that rank. Then he could really chew the scenery and have a decent ensemble cast to keep the stories fresh. Killing off one or two won't matter as much and the Space Marines are as rare as they should be.

There's people who are trying to decide what Primarch he should be. Unless they go back to 30k time there's not that many to choose from and they were even less interesting than the Space Marines. These were beings designed for specific roles and they didn't really deviate. They're figureheads and the amount of special effects to have a main character as a Primarch would be incredibly cost prohibitive.

I know everyone wants him to be the Hero. That's what he's been. But maybe it's time to let him be the hero, lower case letter H. Center the show around him but not as the top of the pyramid. Having characters both above and below him would give him a huge range that's not possible when it gets unbalanced. Let's face it - 40k is unbalanced enough as a game that doing it as a show would be correct but annoying.

Another reason to put him as a human would be to let him be human. That means his physiology would be just fine the way it is. Heck, he could even cut down on the weightlifting and slim down a little. Being human means romantic interests. It means getting hurt. It means fearing things that the big guys brush off. It gives him a range as an actor that isn't possible if they cast him different.

I could be completely wrong on this. On all of it. I don't think I'm completely off the mark on the geneseed stuff but the show? Yeah. They're going for ratings. And if their audience is expected and demanding the guy play in power armor then he'll be in power armor. I just think it would be a waste of the show and of the actor to take away so many options for where things could go.

Comment below if you have thoughts on this. Note that all comments are moderated on this blog so if you're just going to call me names it isn't getting through. Comments that are civil will go through even if they destroy every single thing I've written here. I'm all for discussion, if it's done with manners.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Virtual Credit Cards FTW - Update at the End


I'm a HUGE fan of virtual credit cards. Seriously huge. Having credit cards that are tied to a single vendor and can be locked are a wonderful security feature for online shopping. There's been way too many data breaches and there's always going to be more.

This is the second time in a week that I've had attempted fraud on my credit card account. I'm pretty sure I know where it's coming from and that it will stop now that the new charge has been declined. Why was it declined? Because I wasn't sure the vendor was on the up and up but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt because I could risk the $5. After the charge I immediately locked the card.

Lo and behold guess who tried to charge me for something else and it was more than $5 this time.

My credit card company asked about the declined charge, I confirmed it was unauthorized, they're sending me yet another new card. So I'm without a credit card for a few days again. I can use my debit card (as a credit card) for local in-person purchases until it shows up.

I'm officially done with the vendors who make me question if they're using the initial cheap thing they deliver in order to charge something more expensive later. I know the answer to that one.

People might try to quibble about it being fraud since I gave them my credit card number. They'd be wrong. I did not authorize the second charge. If they had asked and I agreed then I could have unlocked it for the purchase and everything would be fine. They didn't ask. I didn't agree. That makes it fraud.

I did authorize the initial purchase. After all, I created a virtual card for them. So that little bit of money is gone. I don't know what it was supposed to be so unless it shows up in my mailbox I'm writing it off. And I'm done with playing with sketchy vendors.

If your credit card company offers virtual cards then I highly suggest you start using them. There's a few real vendors out there who aren't set up to take them. Some even say that on the checkout page. But most do and that gives you another level of control. Even if you leave the card unlocked and someone other than that vendor tries to charge it, it gets declined.

If your credit card company doesn't offer virtual cards ask when they will. If they won't and you don't have a good reason to stay with them switch to a company that does. My credit card company has been excellent about catching fraud. I think this is the third fraud attempt in over a decade and honestly I invited them by where I online shopped. 

The first recent one is kind of odd since they didn't have a virtual number and almost no one has my real card number. I did do a bunch of local shopping the day they said the charge was made. It could be coincidence or I could have gotten skimmed. Either way my company caught it. I need to think about where I shopped that I hadn't shopped before. Just having the chip cards isn't enough anymore it seems.

I'll end this one with a reminder to look into virtual credit cards. My company upgraded so that you can create them when you want them and use them for a single vendor. I'm guessing the first charge locks them to it. This is handy for things where you don't buy online - like the food delivery apps.

The only thing that's missing is something my previous credit card company had - the ability to set a dollar limit on what could be charged to the card. That was another level of protection but I can see where there would be a lot of false positives when someone set the level too low, bought something, then it got declined. There's always a tradeoff.

Now I'm hesitant about using my debit card in person, once I think about it. If for some reason I got skimmed locally they'll have my debit card and that would be bad. I'm pondering if I can wait to go shopping until I get my new credit card. I had a whole list of errands I had planned for today and they all involved buying things. Maybe it's worth the wait for the new card, just to make sure that I'm covered.

Credit card fraud is annoying and inconvenient. Please make sure you're adequately covered.


I called my credit card company rather than reply to the 'did you make this' text/email. I didn't want them to cancel the new credit card they issued and I hadn't even received yet since this was a vendor using a virtual card.

After some back and forth and me saying the same thing about seven different ways I got confirmation that by deleting the virtual card any attempts to charge it in the future would come back declined saying the card didn't exist. I was concerned that for whatever reason the credit card company would roll an attempted charge on a deleted virtual charge up to the main card and honor it. Which seems stupid but it is a credit card company.

I'm 97.2390875% sure that it's not going to happen. I think I'm done with fraud charges from this vendor. We'll see in the next week.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

No ReaperCon for Me

Alas life decided that I wasn't going to ReaperCon this year. Not only was it the first year I was going to teach it was going to be my last year attending.

Short version on why I didn't go. Changing my driver's license to my new state resulted in getting a paper temporary one TSA won't accept as identification and then credit card fraud required I get a replacement card. Both of these happened less than a week before the trip. With no TSA valid ID and no credit card flying and renting a car wasn't going to happen.

Why was this going to be my last year? Good question. I'd been enjoying this convention since 2005 (artist con that year but still) but things change. My interests have changed. My painting level and direction have changed. The convention has changed. All those changes combined means this isn't a convention for me.

Conventions are expensive. Travel, hotel, tickets, classes, meals. It adds up quickly. Weighing that against what I got from the convention started tilting the scales in the wrong direction. That's not to say ReaperCon isn't fun. A whole lot of people have fun. I'm just not one of them anymore.

I missed seeing the few people I know. I missed seeing the artists I know. I missed getting to teach my class. I missed the fun classes I chose to take as my final ones. I missed some of the regional restaurants. I missed them more because I knew I wouldn't experience all that again.

I wish I'd taken many, many more pictures of those early years. I tried but it never really happened. They've long ago been scrubbed from the Reaper website in updates and changes. I'll rely on my memories and let them rose color the whole thing.

ReaperCon was the last convention I'd been attending. The ones that were local to me either changed direction away from what interested me or failed. GenCon was always a shopping trip and I don't need to shop anymore. I don't know that there's local conventions where I am but we'll see. I'm not holding out hope and none of the other conventions around the country had interested me enough to consider going. At least not in the last decade or so.

Fifteen conventions and at least two artist conventions later it's time to let this one go.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

For Your Own Peace of Mind - Organize!


As my previous post said I'm packing to move. The deadline is fast approaching and of course I'm scrambling now since before this I had 'plenty of time'. I no longer have 'plenty of time'.

I'm going to use this post as a heartfelt plea for you to go through your hobby/office spaces. Please declutter and throw out/donate/sell what you're not going to use. Look, actually look, at what you have and be brutally practical. Take what's left and put it into storage containers, then put those on shelves. It's a lot of work and it may not seem necessary if you're in your forever home or don't plan on moving.

But sometimes you don't get the luxury of planning on moving. Sometimes your forever home turns out not to be your forever home. And in general we collect and pile up a lot of crap.

I was somewhat lucky in that I started organizing things into plastic storage bins a while ago but never really finished. I'm paying for that now in some respects and in others not so much. I can use a lot of the 'unorganized' things and use them to fill space where the containers don't fit the boxes. That helps greatly in the short term, it isn't so great in the long term.

I'm not saying you can't keep things 'just in case'. I've got a lot of things like that for scratch building and they pack up just fine. When they're unpacked they're going into, you guessed it, plastic storage bins. I've also found a lot of things that I kept because it was more convenient than throwing them out. That's no longer the case. I don't need them and see no use for them in the near to moderate future. So they go.

When you're in one place for a long time this happens. It's easier to leave things out because you're using them than it is to go through and put them away. Piles occur. There's no judgement here. There can't be based on my own situation. But I'm saying that organization will save you a lot in the long run.

I'm a big fan of plastic bins over cardboard when possible. Get ones with tops. I use a lot of the dollar store ($1.25 store?) plastic shoeboxes and their smaller containers with handy flap lids. Those two sizes are mostly what I use since I can't make them too heavy for metal miniatures and the supplies fit mostly very well into the smaller ones. I'm also a huge fan of the 16 x 16 scrapbook paper holders from the craft store since they hold mini paint bottles well. I have a cart that holds six of those. I'm going to need another cart. But when I put the paint away it's put away.

In general it's a lot easier to find stuff if you've put like with like. All the sandpaper? In a plastic paper holder with a sliding lock. All the Dremel accessories? In a container. All the bases? In a container. It's work up front but if you look at it, really look at it, it's a one time pain. Then it saves you time when you're looking for where you put whatever later.

I also have storage cubes with doors. I lucked out getting those because they were discontinued. They fit perfectly into my current space and should fit well into my new space with some planning. Right now they're handy to where I paint so I can keep things I use a lot in there. In plastic storage bins or loose-ish in other kinds of containers. I use a pill bottle and a pilsner glass for the second rate and terrain paint brushes. They're contained.

I'd have a lot more trouble if I hadn't done this up front. Even with doing a partial organization it's saved me a lot of time and things are already together. When a box has 'bases' written on it I know all the bases are in there when it comes time to unpack. When a box has 'air' written on it I know it's everything I need for the air compressor. There will be other things in those boxes but I know what the important things are.

Another thing I found from all this is just how much I have of particular kinds of items. Between you and me I have too many of some. I know I can clear one of those when I get settled. The other will take more work and planning. But until it was all gathered up I didn't know the extent of what I had. Having it scattered put it out of mind. Having it put in one place lost me that luxury.

So just how well organized will the new space be? I'd like to think it's going to be decently organized. What's not in plastic containers will get there. The things that can be reduced will be. I will have more storage space so more things will be visible for me to use. I'll even label the containers if I get all kinds of ambitious. Those are all future considerations. Right now it's a matter of a rough organization of at least getting things into the boxes that will go into the same room.

I'm lucky in that I'll have more rooms for things now. With my hobbies I outgrew my two bedroom apartment resulting in a dense accumulation that was difficult to use. I worked hard to use every possible bit of storage space and I think I did well. The problem with that was getting to most things. I also had things on the shelves that I wasn't going to use but had the space to put them. That happens. That's going to happen again. By having more rooms and separating two big space hogging hobbies I'll have actual room to work. That's a luxury I haven't had for well over a decade.

I'll end this as I started, begging you to take the time to organize what you have. Plastic works better than cardboard in my opinion because if something bad happens that involves water your stuff has a much better chance of coming through undamaged or at least minimally damaged. Wipe it off and put it back. Cardboard, not so much. There's enough variety of sizes and shapes of plastic containers that you can find what you need or at least what will work well enough. You don't have to do it all at once. But please, please, please do it.

Friday, July 8, 2022

A Pause in our Program

Yeah, I know I haven't posted in a long time. Most of that was me just not painting. But the reason now is that I'm moving.

Expect the painting and printing posts to pick up again when I'm in my new place.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Ork Speed Freeks - Work In Progress 5

This time it's red. Lovely, lovely, pain-in-the-butt red. I won't go into the long winded details of the painting techniques because I did that in Part 4 of this series. You're welcome.

I'm still using craft paints, as the picture below shows. Here's the set of colors this time around.

Paints used for the red areas: Anita All Purpose Acrylic - 11039 Wine - Pantone 7623, Anita All Purpose Acrylic - 11003 True Red - Pantone 186, Anita All Purpose Acrylic - 308062 Light Coral - Pantone  489 (closest, Pantone is darker)
The specific paints are:
  • Anita All Purpose Acrylic - 11039 Wine - Pantone 7623
  • Anita All Purpose Acrylic - 11003 True Red - Pantone 186
  • Anita All Purpose Acrylic - 308062 Light Coral - Pantone  489 (closest, Pantone is darker)

This time there's no white or ivory. Red is one of those annoyingly difficult colors because it's wonderful right up until you get to highlighting. Highlighting means using some other color than red because red plus white equals PINK. While pink is not a terrible color in and of itself it doesn't work well for most things I paint red.

If you look up tutorials you find a lot of different ways to go with red highlights. Because of all the dark yellow on mine I decided to lean into the orange range without actually going orange. I picked that coral color because it's still in the red family while leaning into orange. Coral is one of those colors I dislike for no reason I know. It seems to work for this so now I'm stuck with having coral paint around.

To same some time here's the red and red-coral mixes dried on the parchment paper for your review.

Red and red-coral mixes

You can see that there's three shades on here. Let me explain them.

Center right - True Red. I like this color. It's a vibrant red with not so great coverage. At least two coats are needed to get this one decent. More on that later.

Lower center - True Red and Coral in about a 3:1 ratio. I'm not exactly sure since I mixed and added until I liked it. This was the color stippled over the base coat.

Upper left - True Red and Coral in about a 4:1 ratio. Again I can't be certain because I mixed on the fly. This one is darker than the first mix because it went on after the glaze.

Not shown - The color from the upper left with more Coral to use as edge highlighting. It was probably about the same as the one in the lower center or slightly lighter.

As you can tell I'm not very concerned about matching these colors again. Orks are wonderful for variation. What I was concerned about was building up a depth of colors.

First up - base coating.

Orks with two coats of Bright Red as a base coat

Orks with two coats of Bright Red as a base coat

Nothing too fancy here, it's a red base coat. If I were doing fancy painting I would have gone back over all the areas I was going to paint red with white or grey so they were a consistent base. As it is there's black, grey, white, and some yellow under there. There are differences where those change but I didn't think it was important enough to spend the effort.

Base Stipple

Orks with red-coral mix stippled on base coat

Orks with red-coral mix stippled on base coat

As you can see there's a lot of difference between the two colors and it looks pretty harsh. This time I cut down a smaller brush for stippling since I was going to be painting smaller areas. I also did a few lines of the lighter color on the weapons where I wanted a different effect. I'm going to work on that later as I get more into the details.


Wine glaze over the base coat and stipple

Wine glaze over the base coat and stipple

The wine glaze smoothed out those color transitions nicely and added the depth and lining. The red-coral mix is still more visible than the yellow mixes were but that's part of painting red when you're not doing it in lots of layer transitions.

I also moved the glaze around while it was wet so it would have some variation rather than making it smooth. It's kind of subtle but adds to the overall effect.

Second Stipple and Edge Highlights

Second stipple coat and edge highlights

Second stipple coat and edge highlights

And the bulk of the red is done. It's still got a kind of pink cast to it in my opinion but not enough to make me want to do anything about it. On the tabletop it isn't all that obvious and with all the other colors that will be involved it won't stand out like it does here.

I'm not going to say the red is done. I know I'll be using red in detailing so there will be more on the models. I don't know what I'm going to do about color, depth, etc. until I get to that point.

One thing that slows down the process now is picking where to paint a color. That happens at the base coat step. Orks are random. Random is more difficult than people think. We like patterns. Trying not to make patterns is frustrating because I keep double checking myself. In this case it's worse because of the prevalence of red in the canon color schemes. I did my best.

Going forward the posts won't be about a single color. I'm past that point in the process. The bulk of the models have been painted and now it's on to the detail work. The technique I use for important colors is well documented (base coat, stipple, glaze, stipple, edge highlight) so I'll do the same as here and just link back to the original post without showing all the stages of the process. Unless I think it looks cool in which case you get to see all the steps.

You will notice I haven't really touched the orks except when I overpainted a color. That's because I consider them a separate object to paint. It would have been very nice if the riders were separate models but they're not so I work with what I have. I did do some black base coats when I was in my black phase and those may or may not stay. It's all about what looks good in the moment really.